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While I am certainly new to this type of design, I do have a career foundation to stand on. I carry with me a history of education, and hard won experience working my way through various aspects of the I.T world. But I found myself disenchanted with that environment, and have embarked on an adventure in New Media Design – Web Development & Graphic Design.

Prior to starting my educational process in design, I had the opportunity to develop some websites through a franchise situation, and to be honest, I did learn a lot, but I quickly discovered that that business model didn’t work very well for me, and I was finding myself having to do hands on design work without the education and tools to do a good job.

So in for a penny in for a pound, I enrolled at BCIT, and it is everything and more than I expected. The more I learn, the more I question, the more I question, the more I learn. I guess it all boils down to what do I want as a designer?

In that regard, nothing has changed for me. The things I want in my new career are the same as my old career:

  • I want to make a difference
  • I want to help solve someones problem(s)
  • I want to help someone realize their vision

I don’t need to use a lot of industry buzzwords to do this but I certainly have the vocabulary to talk the talk, and now I’m learning the tools that allow me to walk the walk.

Located in beautiful Mission BC, at the gateway to the Fraser Valley I’m ready willing and able to start this new adventure.

What I bring to the table is my Past, my Present, my Future!


Victor Larsen